Room Makeovers

I'll visit your home to take photos and measurements (or you can provide these to me). I get you to answer a few important questions about your space and then I provide you with room layout plans, mood boards and recommended new furniture & decor to complement the items that you wish to keep.

I charge $66 per hour for all services.

Design fees are capped at $350 per room.

Home Desk Art
Living Room Design

My designs help take the guess work out of new purchases by showing you how new and old items can work together to make a space beautiful.


I love finding ways to maximise space in small homes. I provide a mix of space saving storage ideas, multi-functional furniture recommendations and clever spatial planning. 

You tell me your budget and I stick to it.  I often mix products from affordable retailers (like Kmart, Target, Spotlight and Big W) with unique pieces that I find online.

Boy's Room_edited.jpg